We are a factory, a factory that makes media & marketing products. No matter what department you are in, you are in the business of making these products. Although there are aspects of service in everything we do for our clients, we don’t think of this as a service business. Some advertising agencies, perhaps even one you’ve worked for, do describe it that way. And maybe that’s why they are so willing to create faulty advertising if that’s what their client wants. We call that malicious obedience. Our dedication to creating a strong product has to be even stronger than most manufacturing companies. People who work at car companies know that the car they will build today will be exactly like the car they built yesterday. That’s not the case with us. What we did yesterday has no bearing on what well do today. Some days we’re pretty good. Other days, we’re an unstoppable force. The trick is to string together more of the latter. To be successful, we have to approach every single day like it will be our defining moment. Because that is the reality.


GO2 Publishing & Advertising develops, markets, and supports all types of creative services, using the latest technologies to provide practical, user-friendly solutions for medium and large sized businesses, home-office entrepreneurs, professionals, middle and top managers and executives. The company is a privately-owned corporation and is currently in the process of opening offices in different cities such as New York, London by 2012, and also some other cities in the GCC to better cover new emerging markets. The company’s head office is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since 2011, the founders are meticulously following the development of the Media & Marketing industry. Back in 1998, well before the “.com” revolution, they started their passion with the goal of analyzing and exploiting different related opportunities. In Sep 2011, operating under the name of Go2 FZ LLC or (GO2 Publishing & Advertising & marketing), and convinced that they had found a very promising approach to take a dominant position in the market, the founders focused their energies on a projects that evolved to become one of the leading companies in the region.

Today, GO2 Publishing & Advertising & Marketing is established in market niches that hold a great potential to enhance how business is conducted. Our mission is to empower mid and large-size businesses with marketing communication services and business automation tools. Being an innovative and creative-savvy organization, we strive to help our clients reach their full market potential. GO2 Publishing & Advertising & Marketing is continually working to improve existing products and services and to introduce new ones to satisfy SMB needs.


By providing an essential range of Smart & Creative Business Solutions, we aspire to be renowned for our capacity to assist our customers in becoming more competitive, in a world where businesses transact at an unprecedented speed. The Marketing’s potential to engage a global and real-time market promises to define what will become the ground rules for commerce in the 21st century. Excited about what the future holds, we would like to lead our customers to the next level, one day at a time.


GO2 Publishing & Advertising markets and supports its products through co-marketing agreements and strategic partnerships with a lot of  providers, resellers and marketing firms. In addition to our own expertise, we foster close ties to a select group of value-added resellers and suppliers to provide clients with specialized knowledge and regional expertise.


  • Unique value for your company
  • One stop station for media & advertising
  • Industry recognition
  • Powerhouse solution
  • High-level standards
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
  • Reliability
  • Options and functionality
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Support
  • Client input
  • Press release
  • Top editors in the UAE
  • Connections with most of the media
  • Meeting deadlines


We hope that your time here while dealing with us will be everything you ever hoped for. For some, this can become as a safe media agency house. For others, it will be a step along the way to something else or just a one job deal and they will move on. Most of you will love it. Some of you will hate it. But few will forget it. This place has a way of burrowing inside your skin and taking up residence there. But one thing is for sure. If you stick around with us for any length of time, you will be convinced that the denizens of our hallways know more about creating advertising than just about anybody.


When most people think of advertising they think of magazine ads, television commercials and billboards. We think it’s anything that makes our clients famous. That is our job. And we make creative content that makes that happen. Then we think of ways to distribute that creative content. It might be through an online film, an event on the street, a book or something we can’t even imagine yet. Every person here and every client we have needs to be aware that while traditional media advertising is important and will get done, what’s arguably more important is the stuff that orbits around the traditional stuff. Like the message on the company voice mail. The T-shirt we mail to every employee. The idea for a great new product. The bumper sticker every customer gets handed to them on a certain day.  The cool new website flash page.  The letter to every client will get for a new national holiday. This is how brands are built now. To us, it’s all advertising.  So now when you read the term advertising in this handbook, you know what we mean.


A good meeting is one from which you leave with a clear understanding of what to do next. Sometimes it’s more work, More ads, A new media plan, A slightly altered strategy. Additional research. These are all good scenarios. Having to do more work is not a failure. Work is what we do.


And we absolutely hate long meetings. Most agencies are really good at having long meetings in the conference room with lots of people in attendance, and really bad at having spontaneous meetings that spring up when a few people pass in the hallway and start talking about an idea for a client. We tend to be the other way around. If we could, we would do away with meetings but sometimes they are necessary. The problem we have with meetings is that the actual doing can’t start until the meeting stops. And meetings have a way of dragging on. It’s simple physics. An object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside. So, we like meetings that are short and to the point. The shorter the better. If you’re in a meeting that’s dragging on and keeping you from the important business of doing something, say the word pineapple. This is the official agency code word that means, let’s wrap this up. Now you know another one of our secrets.


We want all our offices to be populated by ingenious people. People who want to put an idea into everything they do. Who want to do things differently. And people who are inspired by creative thinking.

We’re always looking for people for whom the words ‘nothing is impossible’ are exciting rather than daunting. We need people who can generate & creating ideas for our clients, and for our own creative status. If you think you’d fit in here at a creative Company, find out who to contact at GO2 Publishing & Advertising about employment opportunities from our website!

Be part of our team and send us your CV to info@go2-me.com