Photo & Video Shooting

Photo & Video shooting is an unrestrained form of art. It can capture your imagination to the reality of the earth or portraiture, landscape and other such moments of life. A photographer can apply several types of tips and tricks to create attractive pictures.


There are many kinds of Photo & Video Shooting that we can cover such as wedding picture-making. You can use chroma key editing for placing a bride or a groom to exotic places. In this kind of picture-making, you can place a bride or a groom against a green or blue color cloth or any other material. Then take the pictures and edit them with any top video editing software. You can replace the background image by any other image that is desirable. Photojournalism is another form of picture making. In this form, you have to depict the stark reality. In other words, portraying reality the way it is and not manipulating the picture in any way. For this purpose, we use a good quality camera so that bright colors get highlighted.


You also need to consider the lighting while photographing a subject. This form is mainly used by the journalists as the name suggests. The journalists are supposed to present the true picture.


Difference between the photojournalism and documentary is that the former depicts a particular scene or something that exists in present whereas the latter portrays a true historical document belonging to a specific social or political era.


Sports picture is another kind which is mainly used for sports news. A good photographer is the one who is able to capture a particular sport action being performed by a sportsman. Macro picture making is a kind where you take pictures of a subject at a very close range. This mainly used for presenting wild life.


Glamor photography is the one that is popularly used for shooting celebrities, models or for advertisements and films. These pictures require a lot of editing for visual impact and the main aim is to portray a glamorous world as the name suggests. All these are different types of picture making by which you can depict a glamorous or real world in different forms.