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  • Flyer Design

Flyer Design

Excluding VAT

A flyer is a single sheet of marketing collateral used to promote a product, service, upcoming event, business, or brand in a single, eye-catching, easy-to-digest format. In simple terms, a flyer is a printed paper containing information about a certain event, business, product or service. 


Client to provide:

  • Logo in vector format.
  • Advise the size if possible.
  • Final Content in Arabic/English or both
  • Full final address details (Tel/Fax/Address/Email/Web)
  • Any corporate fonts if available.
  • Any Corporate colours if available.
  • Any Extra changes or requests will be charged separately.
  • Final file will be provided as ready to print/production.
  • This is a design charge only , if the client would like to print the product, then the following steps must be done:
    • Choose final material
    • Choose final size
    • Choose final extras like (Embossed, Foil…etc).
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