Creativity is our nature. Advertising is our landscape

If what you are doing seems like work, youre either in the wrong industry or you’re not doing it right. Talk to your sensei. Your time here should feel less like digging a ditch and more like a challenging game of chess


We hope that your time here while dealing with us will be everything you ever hoped for. For some, this can become as a safe media agency house. For others, it will be a step along the way to something else or just a one job deal and they will move on. Most of you will love it. Some of you will hate it. But few will forget it. This place has a way of burrowing inside your skin and taking up residence there.
Advertising 70%
Public Relations 45%
Design and Production 80%
Strategic Communications 65%
Interactive Media - Web Designing & developing 55%
Media Planning, Media Booking & Buying 80%
Photo & Video Shooting 90%


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