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Terms & Conditions

1. Please provide LPO / Sign and stamp this Quotation / Email Confirmation with this quotation attachment or reference in order to proceed with the job.


2. Payment should be 50% advance and 50% on the same day of work completion either by cash/ cheque with the same date of delivery or bank transfer, otherwise Goto Publishing & Advertising will have the right not to deliver or install until the payment is cleared by the client.


3. The mentioned prices are applicable only when ordering the full items & and quantities mentioned above. Changing items, canceling items, or changing quantities will lead to price changes.


4. The above-given prices are applicable to change in the future according to the market rate and quotation validity.


5. Goto Publishing & Advertising holds the rights of full ownership of the above-mentioned items until the payment is received from the client in full, and we have the right to redeem or remove any installed or delivered items in case full payment is not received within 7 days from the client. The client will be held responsible for any extra charges that might accrue regarding this issue.


6. The Client will be financially responsible for any damages of any kind regarding the above-mentioned items if removed or collected by Goto Publishing & Advertising in case of no payment by the Client or in case the Client requests for the items to be removed for any reason.


7. If the full payment is not received by the agreed time with the client then Goto Publishing & Advertising will have the right to charge the client an additional 5% on a monthly basis as legal late fee charges.


8. Warranty is not included in this quotation unless mentioned in the quotation Also the Act of God such as wind storms, sand storms, rain, etc. is not covered even if the warranty is mentioned.


9. Once the Job is in progress, delivered, and/or installed, the client should give his comments while the team is on-site, Any extra requests/changes/comments/modifications will be with additional charges according to each job.


10. Any third-party approvals such as governmental permits or any other permits of any kind are the client's responsibility only.


11. Goto Publishing & Advertising's task is to deliver what is mentioned in this quotation only and any extra requests regarding this subject will be charged additionally.


12. Goto Publishing & Advertising will provide 1 minor free change in any provided designs or work but only after reviewing the amendment request, Any extra requests from the client of any kind will be with an additional charge, also Please note that we DO NOT provide multiple options of designs if the client requests for multiple options then multiple charges will accrue.


13. Source file is the property of Goto Publishing and Advertising, If the client wishes to have a copy of the source file then an extra charge is applicable.


14. Goto Publishing & Advertising will not provide any samples, designs, changes, deliveries, or installations and will not proceed with any kind of task unless the quotation is approved by the client and 50% advanced payment is paid by the client unless otherwise agreed between the two parties in writing only, no verbal requests will be accommodated.


15. If the client cancels the job fully or partially for any reason then the client will be held financially responsible for the full payment of this quotation and for any work or tasks processed by Goto Publishing & Advertising such as designs, samples, site visits, deliveries, installations, or any other tasks requested by the client additionally and no payments made by the client are refundable.


16. The client is to provide full details (Such as final content, images, and sizes) and directions for the requested job which is presented in this quotation as a final request by the client according to the agency's understanding. Approving this quotation means that the client fully read and agrees that it's his final correct request, if the client has any changes then it must be communicated before proceeding with the production of the above-mentioned items in this quotation, and a maximum of 24 hours of receiving this quotation.


17. Cheque payment should be named against GoTo Publishing & Advertising as per the details in the invoice.

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