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Brochure Design

Excluding VAT

A brochure is a single or multi page folded paper used to sell a company's products or services. This piece of paper can be folded several times to create separate pages, or are several pages stapled together. The term “booklet” is sometimes used when referring to a brochure.


  • Price is AED 490 only for total of:
  • - Outside Front Cover
  • - Inside Font Cover
  • - Outside Back Cover
  • - Inside Back Cover
  • - 4 Inside Pages.
  • - Any Extra pages will be charged extra.
  • - Graphs & Infographics will be charged Extra.


Client to provide:

  • Logo in vector format.
  • Advise the size if possible.
  • Final Content in Arabic/English or both
  • Full final address details (Tel/Fax/Address/Email/Web)
  • Any corporate fonts if available.
  • Any Corporate colours if available.
  • Any Extra changes or requests will be charged separately.
  • Final file will be provided as ready to print/production.
  • This is a design charge only , if the client would like to print the product, then the following steps must be done:
    • Choose final material
    • Choose final size
    • Choose final extras like (Embossed, Foil…etc).
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