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Identification Labels

1 Square meter
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Say goodbye to lost or misplaced items with our Identification Metal Labels! These strong, durable labels are made to withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you need to label tools, equipment, or personal items, our metal labels are the perfect solution. With easy customization options, you can create labels that fit your unique style and needs. Keep yourself organized and stress-free with our Identification Metal Labels.


The price of Identification Labels in UAE market varies depending on the type of label, size, quantity, and printing method. However, in general, identification labels can range in price from a few files to 5 dirhams per label.

Here are some factors that can affect the price of identification labels:

  • Type of label: The type of label, such as a pressure-sensitive label, heat transfer label, or laser label, can affect the price. Pressure-sensitive labels are the most common type of label and are typically the least expensive. Heat transfer labels are more expensive than pressure-sensitive labels, but they offer a higher level of durability. Laser labels are the most expensive type of label, but they offer the highest level of quality and durability.
  • Size of label: The size of the label can also affect the price. Larger labels are typically more expensive than smaller labels.
  • Quantity of labels: The quantity of labels can also affect the price. The more labels you order, the lower the price per label will be.
  • Printing method: The printing method can also affect the price. The most common printing method for identification labels is offset printing. Offset printing is a cost-effective method for printing large quantities of labels. However, it is not the best method for printing small quantities of labels. For small quantities of labels, digital printing is a more cost-effective method. Digital printing is a more expensive method, but it offers a higher level of quality and flexibility.

If you are looking for identification labels, it is important to compare prices from different suppliers. You can also request a quote from a supplier to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your labels.

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